We help communities and banks say “Yes, we can!” to your loan need.

Nobody wants to refuse a loan for a nonprofit doing important work in the community. This includes banks, but banks have specific criteria for loans and cannot make exceptions for organizations that fall short.

Our comprehensive approach can make all the difference. With a goal of getting the most cost-effective loans for our clients, many times bank loans are not even required. When it is, we turn to banks with whom we have an established relationship and work with them to best position the organization. Our work in getting supporters invested can help make the nonprofit more attractive to banks which can lead to even better loan terms than were previously available.

Our loan coordination efforts nurtures and expands the relationship between nonprofits and their local community to strengthen impact.

Borrower Process

Analyzing the Need

We carefully analyze the relevant details of the nonprofit to determine its exact need, financial condition and specific loan related variables.

Assessing Options

Following our analysis, we evaluate the different loan options available to the nonprofit. This includes banks and, during this assessment,
Semble is in conversations with our network of bank relationships to identify a possible lending partner.

Participating Supporters

Taking the information provided by the nonprofit, we structure an impact investment opportunity through the online lending platform so that supporters review and get involved. The nonprofit sets the maximum rate on this loan to get the most cost effective situation.

Funding the Loan

Supporter participation is set up with each supporter determining how much to invest and at what rate of return (within a maximum set by the organization). Prior to closing, if additional funds are needed and a bank option has been secured, the bank will fill the gap.

Making Payments

Like any loan, the nonprofit begins making monthly payments but now, instead of just paying a bank, these payments go to the supporters that invested. They benefit from financial return, the nonprofit more effectively fulfills its mission, and the community reaps the rewards.


More dollars freed to impact the community and fuel your mission.